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Richard Doty - Owner
Richard Doty - Owner

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Why should you choose to use Heavenly Home Inspection?  36+ yrs in the Residential Construction Industry.  With hundreds of new framed homes, home additions, structural remodels, and even new commercial framing as the back bone of experience before becoming a Professional State Inspector, I offer you much more than just a few courses taken inside a class room and then passing a test on a computer.  Think about that very carefully when choosing the inspector you want to use on the most important purchase you will make in your lifetime.  

Heavenly Home Inspection offers the four main inspections you need when purchasing a home or if you are building a new home.

The General Home Inspection and the Termite Inspection is used when the home you are looking to buy is already built. This is a complete inspection of the home and all of its main components and operating systems.  This inspection follows the TREC guidelines and the report that is used by all home inspectors.

If the home you are purchasing has a Pool and/or a Spa, then Heavenly Home Inspection can inspect one or both if you desire to have those items inspected as well.

The Pre - Dry Wall Inspection (aka Structural Inspection), is needed if you are having a new home built. This inspection is very important while your new home is being built.  Not all builders use the best framing contractors available.  Most use the cheapest one, or a mediocre one at best.  The quality of the framer determines the quality of the structure of your brand new home.  Please check my references for Pre - Dry Wall testimony for verification of a client who opted out of their new home once I did the Structural Inspection of his newly framed house.